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Hardwood Floors...

We can handle installing all types of wood flooring from laminates to hardwoods. From glue down to floating.  Need your floors resurfaced?  We do that also.  With our techniques and products we rarely have to sand down to the bare wood to give it a fresh look.  Less mess while getting a premium quality finish!

"It was amazing to watch how fast they were at installing our lanai T&G, not to mention it is flawless!"   -Mike Shram

"They not only showed up when they said they would, but left my kitchen cleaner than it was when they got here!"   - John Meyers

"Great customer service with high quality work.  I wont use anyone else but you guys in the future!"    - Michelle Youseph

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17571 Rockefeller Circle

Fort Myers, FL  33967

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